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European Grid Infrastructure    Slovenská verzia

European Grid Initiative EGI

The European Grid Infrastructure enables access to computing resources for European researchers from all fields of science, from High Energy Physics to Humanities.
Video presentation EGI and e-Infrastructures in Europe:
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EGI Council meeting in Amsterdam on March 3rd 2010
EGI.eu is a foundation under Dutch law and was established with the notary on 8 February 2010. The statutes of the foundation are available in Dutch and English.
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How can EGI contribute to Europe 2020? The Europe 2020 Strategy is the growth strategy for the coming decade for the EU to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. It is established by the European Commission and through its flagship initiatives such as the “Digital Agenda for Europe” and “Innovation Union”, provides an opportunity for the EGI community to play an important role in achieving some of the key objectives defined in these strategies.
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