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Related projects

Title Web Slovak partner
EGI-InSPIRE Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe EGI-InSPIRE UI SAV Bratislava
The European Grid Initiative EGI
EGEE EU project Enabling Grids for E-sciencE EGEE UI SAV Bratislava
Information portal EGEE SK EGEE SK UI SAV Bratislava
Information portal SAV VVT VVT UI SAV Bratislava
EGEE Regional Operations Centres in Central Europe EGEE ROC CE
GILDA (Grid Infn Laboratory for Dissemination Activities) GILDA
P-GRADE (Parallel Grid Run-time and Application Development Environment) P-GRADE
P-GRADE portal P-GRADE portal
Genius Grid Portal Genius
MEDIgRID - EU 6FP: Mediterranean Grid of Multi-Risk Data and Models MEDIgRID UI SAV Bratislava
NATO project: Flood Forecasting on Grid Infrastructures UI SAV Bratislava
K-Wf Grid - EU 6FP: Knowledge-based Workflow System for Grid Applications K-Wf Grid UI SAV Bratislava
DEGREE - EU 6FP: Dissemination and Exploitation GRids in Earth sciencE DEGREE UI SAV Bratislava
int.eu.grid - EU 6FP: Interactive European Grid int.eu.grid UI SAV Bratislava
DEISA Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications DEISA UI SAV Bratislava
MEDIGRID Medical data storage and processing on the GRID MEDIGRID
TERAGRID HEP experiments & lattice QCD, Weather forecasting, Biomolecular Electrostatics, Eletric and Magnetic Molecular Properties, etc. TERAGRID
Grid-enabled Know-how Sharing Technology Based on ARC Services and Open Standards KnowARC UPJS Kosice
HEP-experiments: ATLAS NORDUGRID UPJS Kosice
Biomolecular simulations, Weather prediction, Coupled CAE simulations, Structural analysis, Real-time data processing EUROGRID
ASTROGRID Astronomy, Solar physics, Space plasma physics ASTROGRID
ANFAS datA fusioN for Flood Analysis and decision Support ANFAS UI SAV Bratislava
CROSSGRID Biomedicine, Physics, Earth Sciences CROSSGRID UI SAV Bratislava
ESA site for Grid Processing on Demand G-POD
Project Grid'5000 Grid'5000
Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe PRACE
CYber-infrastructure for CiviL protection Operative Procedures CYCLOPS
Austrian Grid Austrian Grid
D-Grid D-Grid